A home is an extension of you. At Ledge Painting, we ensure that you get the best painting services in Brisbane combined with second-to-none support and advice.

You want only the best to go into this longstanding investment, this definitely includes the paint you use to give colour to the property. Durability is key here! Paint has to stand through the test of time and nature, so every surface and area is properly cleaned and sanded before commencing to paint. All the brushes, rollers, paint products and other equipment we use are of the best quality.

Painting different aspects of a property comes with different challenges

When the task is to paint a window ledge for example, extra special care should be taken. They are easily worn off due to their frequent exposure to sun, rain and condensation. At least once a year they need to be recoated. For a recoat, any old paint material chipping from the window sill should be scraped upon. The entire area should be sanded properly for a smooth finish.

Window ledges or sills definitely need more care as they are highly exposed to polluting agents. Masonry paints with micro seal technology can help to make the dirt resistant, water proof and breathable. They help to meet extreme weather conditions. This paint can also be used on different surfaces like wood or metal.

Exterior paint is different from interiors. More care needs to be taken of exterior painting as it reflects the look of your house and is more exposed to nature. The surface is usually not smooth. Only an expert with the technical know-how and good experience can make wise decisions about choosing paint for exteriors. The outside of a house is a shield to the entire home, so it needs to be carefully painted so the building has a long standing life.

Our Professional Painters are members of the Masters Painters Association and the HIA. They have a license with the Queensland Building Authority. Any type of work whether it is commercial or residential deserves the best quality work.

Painting which is not done in a specific structured way can get quite messy. Our qualified staff make sure they keep a very clean work-space. Further any accidental spillage or mess is taken care of quickly. Detailed analysis of the entire surface, window ledges, glasses are carried out before declaring the job done.

Hire us for your next coat of paint and enjoy a beautifully painted home.