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Welcome to Ledge Painting, with staff all over Brisbane (we could be in Burbank right now), we’re the go-to experts for effective and affordable painting solutions. We specialise in everything from general painting jobs to roof and house painting. With an unmatched attention to detail and great after service support, we know how to make our customers happy!

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Paint your house in Burbank with the right colours!

Not quite sure as to which colour would suit your home? Seeing as whatever colour you end up with will probably stay there for quite a while, better make sure it’s the right one. A colour can make us happy, sad, excited, etc. Your Burbank house is an integral part of your life, so you really need to choose the colours carefully.

Colour Groups:

Our professional painters can help you with this. From the warm colours like groups of red and yellows, to cool colours like blues and purples, we have you covered. We can also suggest the use of complementary colours, which contrast and complete your other existing or chosen colours. Window sills for example can be painted in complementary colours for a fresh look.

Why do you need professionals for your Burbank home?

A lot of people want to paint their house exterior themselves, though most don’t have the time or the confidence to pull off a good job. We will help to properly clean and sand the surfaces, which definitely requires some experience and skill. Power washers are usually used to make sure the surface is clean of any debris.

Interior And Exterior Paints

Interior and exterior window ledges are given different paint treatments. For exterior window sills, only exterior paints that are weather resistant and of high quality are used as they are constantly exposed to the elements. For the interior, a variation of satin paint, flat paint, or semi-gloss paints can be used. The paint you need depends on the area to be painted and the method. Exteriors are more rough and irregular and need more paint as compared with interiors. Window sills and ledges may need more than two coats and also recoating at least once a year. And if it is a repaint, then old paint chips should be properly scrubbed off.

Weather Conditions

Low humidity is what we’re looking for when starting a job, the more moisture in the air, the more difficult it is. Also, the painting should ideally be done when there is shade on the surface of the house, as direct exposure to sun while applying paint may cause it to blister. Masonry paint uses micro seal technology and is dirt resistant, water proof and extra durable with creamy smooth finish and can cover large areas in a short time.


Our team delivers you high quality work! We know which paint to use, on which surface, and which method is best suited. We execute extreme caution when working on windows, ceilings, roofs and exteriors. Our services are affordable and we supervise our team efficiently so that the end result is an expert finish of your Burbank home, and a peace of mind for you!