Painting a roof is definitely not as easy as it sounds as it is process driven and dependent on the material you are painting on. Some roof painting companies in Brisbane/Australia make you think all that you require is to slap on a coat of paint and you’re done. This is simply not the case with our company. At Ledge Painting we take a look at the different types of roofs and processes involved in preparing and painting your roof. We are one of the most informative, cost effective and professional companies you could ever come across.

Safety First

One of the most important reasons you should choose us is because we are very safe and cautious from the first quote all the way to the final day of work. If you choose a company that does not practice proper roof safety and practice excellent painting techniques your investment and even the investment of your neighbor will suffer. We make sure that our workers tie safety harnesses, wear proper clothing and shoes, have hardhats and always work in a team. Ladders are always the biggest culprit when it comes to accidents so we use them properly. When painting, we ensure that the materials do not end up on your neighbor’s house. A windy day can cause damage in more ways than one. We pay attention to the weather and make sound decisions regarding the safety of the workers.

Pre-Cleaning A Must

All roofs require a high-pressure wash prior to any painting. On older roofs Ledge Painting uses a hose and chemicals to remove mold, dirt or grease to ensure optimal paint adhesion. Cleaning is also important because it will help reveal any damages or repairs that must be handled prior to painting. Cleaning the roof and detecting any problems will be handled by our painting company. Sometimes the painting companies can repair roof damage if minor. If you have a corrugated roof you want to wash it with a degreaser and apply a primer coat before the final paint. It is vital to make sure the roof is dry prior to painting. If your roof is made of tiles, we wait till all your mortar is adequately dried before painting.

The Magical World Of Paints

When choosing the desired paint, our company considers how colors absorb light. Light colors reflect light and dark colors absorb it. This makes a big difference when summer comes around. If you live in a fairly hot area we pick ones that work for your home properly and see to it that you get enough paint for 2 coats.

  • Tiled roofs use water based paint with a sealer
  • Corrugated and Iron roofs use oil based paints and paints that adhere properly to the type of metal used.

Finally, Painting The Roof

With all roofs the industry standard for painting uses an airless spray gun. At Ledge Painting, we do exactly the same. We are quick and apply the paint very uniformly. With corrugated and iron roofs we touch up the corners and edges with a roller or brush so that the painted roofs look uniform and beautiful at the end of the process.